Chose the Cherries not the pits : )

When I receive this type of note it truly makes me proud of my husband and our team.  We take pride in the plumbing service we provide in the Spring, TX area.  We don’t want to sell you what you don’t need.  We are here to help families and businesses with all of their plumbing needs.  I hope you enjoy this note as much as I did.  I feel it represents us quite well.  We appreciate our customers and their support.

Hi there,

I just wanted to send a thank you shout out to Bears Plumbing!!!They knew right away what to do to remove the clog in my dad’s pipes.

My step-mother previously had a plumber come out while dad was out of town last week who wanted to charge them to drill into their brick and other stuff with a starting cost of $1,200.00 and up..

I called her and made her cancel the service request so I could call you guys.

Bears plumbing fixed it with a snake for less than $300.00.

Both of them just called me almost in tears to thank me, they are in their late 70’s, their income is very limited, and it meant a lot to them to have it fixed and not feel taken advantage of!

Thanks for your honest service, you are appreciated!!!

Have a great day


About theplumbersbride

Born & raised in Houston TX Devoted wife of a master plumber and mother of three. One of my favorite quotes is. Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
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