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What is the best shower head?

This is a loaded question.  What type of shower do you prefer, is a better question.  You will not believe all of the different options out there. So many, you really need to know what you like; if it is rustic … Continue reading

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Top 3 solutions: Odor coming from the shower.

DIY – poor 2 cups of Clorox into the shower. DIY or plumber – Run a roto rooter machine in the shower drain Plumber – New Shower pan First you could try pouring Clorox into the shower, if that resolves … Continue reading

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Tile shower

Another helpful tip from your Happy Plumber – If you are having some bathroom remodeling done which would include a tile shower, make sure a licensed plumber installs the shower pan. We have many calls from frustrated customers who have … Continue reading

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