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Help I Can’t Stop the Water!!!!!

Many times we receive calls from customers in a panic.  Water is pouring out!!!!  Our first question, have you turned the water off to the sink, toilet or even the whole house.  So many times we receive the reply…how do I … Continue reading

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This is a great article from the Gazette.  I giggled while reading it today and thought I should share it. A master plumber, I am not Hope you enjoy and know the master plumber you need to call with your … Continue reading

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Faucet leaking, toilet running – call Bear

Faucet leaking – why?  O ring washer valve set seals broken improper installation    Toilet running – why? fill tube fill height flush handle – flapper chain flapper What do you do? – Call Bear

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Most Interesting Plumber In The World

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Is it time to upgrade your toilet?

Is it time to upgrade your toilet? Have you been using the same toilet in your home since you bought it? Is the water running after each flush? The tank getting corroded? If yes, it is time to call Bear’s … Continue reading

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On the job training

Ok, so I had the opportunity to be a plumber’s helper this week in the field with Bear.  It was very difficult for me to sit in the passenger seat.  Riding to the job and then to lunch and then … Continue reading

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There is a toilet for every stage in your life.

Not too long ago Jake was helping Bear install some new toilets at a day care.  He asked Bear if we could install these in someone’s home.  The answer is absolutely.  Below I have listed several options.  You will see … Continue reading

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Could your toilet water supply line flood your home?

We have had several customers call us in the Spring area this week.  A neighbor’s home was sadly flooded by an older toilet.  The water supply line going to the tank of your toilet should be replaced at least every 8 … Continue reading

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Did your tile guy set your toilet?

If you’ve had your floor or tile guy set your toilet, then that’s like having your mechanic fix your dinner.  Not too long ago we reset a toilet.  The pipe in the floor was deteriorating and needed to be replaced.  … Continue reading

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