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Help I Can’t Stop the Water!!!!!

Many times we receive calls from customers in a panic.  Water is pouring out!!!!  Our first question, have you turned the water off to the sink, toilet or even the whole house.  So many times we receive the reply…how do I … Continue reading

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FAQs Drain Cleaning & low hot water pressure

The shower drain in the back bathroom is draining, but not very quickly and it seems to be getting worse…. Call Bear!!!         Faucet needs a new washer and the hot water pressure is low…What could be … Continue reading

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Kitchen Faucet at Costco

We received our Costco flyer in the mail with this month’s specials and I read it in the car to Bear this weekend.  Hansgroeh Brushed Nickel Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet our cost $179.99.  Bear said that is a great deal.  That … Continue reading

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The secret to a shiny sink.

Once upon a time, in a small farm house, in suburbia Spring, a handsome prince aka Bear   : ) walked into the kitchen of his lovely bride.  I had just finished cleaning everything in the kitchen and I was pleasantly … Continue reading

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