Happy New Year 2018

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The Weather outside is …… so Delightful

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful day!!!  We would love for you to share your pictures with us.

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Nominated for Texas Family Business of the Year

What an honor it was for Bear’s Plumbing Services, LLC in Spring TX to not only be nominated but invited to the awards ceremony for the Texas Family Business of the year banquet.  The Baylor Family business motto is one I think we should all strive for “Put faith back on the table”

On November 3, 2017, the Institute for Family Business honored outstanding family businesses within the state of Texas.  Bear, some friends and I attended the 28th anniversary of the awards program. Baylor University’s Institute for Family Business has hosted the Texas Family Business of the Year awards program every year since 1989. The Awards event was held in the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation in the Meyer Conference Center.  This was an outstanding facility.

This event draws hundreds of family business owners annually to the Baylor campus and not only recognizes and promotes outstanding family businesses but also is a valuable networking and development tool for family business honorees and undergraduate students who are invited to the afternoon family business forum and evening awards banquet. The forum guest speaker was Mike O’Krent of Lifestories Alive, LLC.  His presentation of Capturing the essence was exactly what I needed to hear.

Texas Family Business of the Year firms are recognized in three size categories and several special categories recognizing: Family Values, Excellent Management, Community Commitment, Rapid Growth, Stewardship, Founders and Heritage Awards.  These businesses that were recognized were truly great role models for us.  I want us to strive for  these qualities in our life and business.

Bear and I thoroughly enjoyed going  to the forum which was very educational as well as the awards banquet.  I left the forum and the awards ceremony ignited and excited about the business we have built together not only for our family but for our employees and their families, and our community.  To one day be able to give back the way these companies that we met this weekend do is quite frankly inspiring.

I am excited everyday to get up and go to work with my husband.  Who gets to do that?  I do! I am so proud of Bear, his accomplishments, the husband, the father, & businessman he is.

A few fun things I came away with from the forum & banquet:

1. God first
2. Family second
3. Business third
4. I want our employees to feel like they are part of the family
5. Treat others as you want to be treated
6. Keep a smile on your face and be happy
7. Have a drink at 5 O’clock every day


Thank you Michelle, Jennifer, Brian, & Ronny for your support, friendship and encouragement.

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Do your homework

Here is a helpful tip from KHOU – http://www.khou.com/weather/harvey-help/do-your-homework-before-hiring-a-contractor/477243076

If you have plumbing needs, the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners is where you need to do the homework.  Keep in mind while searching for the contractor there are different levels of licensed plumbers.  ONLY a Responsible Master Plumber (RMP) can be insured in the state of Texas.  All other licensed plumbers must work for or under a RMP would be working for on the side without being fully insured.

To search for a licensed plumber on the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners you can use this link – https://vo.licensing.hpc.texas.gov/datamart/selSearchType.do

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Important information during flooding

I have had a few friends and family members text this morning about their toilet not flushing.  I wanted to share this with others out there in Houston and the surrounding areas.  If you live in a two story home and your toilets will no longer flush, DO NOT flush or run water upstairs.  This will cause toilets on the first floor to start overflowing.

Stay safe and be smart out there.  We continue to pray for everyone during this catastrophic storm.

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Back to school…..blues or EXCITED!!!

It’s that time of year again.  Vacations are over or winding down.  Time to say farewell to another summer vacation.  The Wicked Step Sisters have been photographed and the trips are in the books.


I have to wake up at what time?

Lets get this year started!!

It’s time to get your kids geared up for the routine of school and extra curricular activities.    Get ready for the days they just don’t want to get out of bed and then the rest of the time where your kids are taking care of business and concurring the world!!


If you are like me your making your list of things you can finally get to while the little angels are in school.  If plumbing is one of those items on your list please don’t forget to give Bear’s Plumbing a call 281-350-BEAR.    Whether it is the leaking faucet or the running toilet we have the crews to get your issue resolved.


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Made my day

What a wonderful way to start a summer Friday! I came into the office to find this wonderful text message on our company cell phone.

I cannot say enough how tremendously impressed I was with Steve – his diagnostic ability was top notch. 

He not only figured out what the problem was, & fixed it properly, but was very careful & thorough in my next trouble spot. His patient inspection showed an unusual problem which he also diagnosed, was able to explain to me, & also fixed completely. 

To put the icing on the cake, he understood my Sr. Citizen situation & helped me with that as well. It seems his father is also a top long-time plumber with your great Bear’s company. 

I hope this dynasty continues for many more generations. Texas should be proud!


Happy Friday everyone – Hope you have a happy and blessed weekend!

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