I love bathtubs!!

imagejpeg_0_1478700796784-2By definition a bathtub is a large container for holding water in which a person may bathe. I think of the dual purpose of the bathtub.  The calming serenity of a hot bath is good for the soul and our health, not to mention the cleanliness factor.

When I see the finished product for some of our customers I am so proud of our technicians. These bathtubs are amazing!!20161031_145609_1478700782495_1478700816500-2

Cleanliness and relaxation go back to the 1800’s. These bathtubs in the The Breakers in Newport, RI had two options. There were four faucets on several of the bathtubs in several of the many bathrooms in this mansion. One for Fresh water and one for Salt Water!! I found this amazing. It was considered good for your skin and your health even back in the 1800s.  Taking time to slow down and take a bath in and of itself is good for your health. In the fast pace of today’s world, the simple act of bathing can help reduce the stress in your life.20161023_11193120161023_111644

If any of these tubs spark an interest in remodeling your home bathroom give us a call 281-350-BEAR. Bear’s Plumbing would be glad to help get you on the road to a new relaxing tub.  http://www.bearsplumbing.net

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Fair pricing

valuepriceHome repairs can get expensive.  If you are like us, we try to do as much around the house as we can on our own.  I learned this from my mom.  She could fix anything!  If she couldn’t, the last resort was to call a professional.  I could count on 1 hand the times we had a service man in our home.  A Plumber and an AC repair man.  These professionals were not called unless she had tried everything she could think of.

One time stands out specifically:  we had a clogged toilet.  Mom tried plunging it.  That didn’t work.  Then she went to the hardware store and bought a hand auger.  That didn’t’ work.  So, she had to break down and call a plumber.  We had to wait a day or so before we could get on their schedule.  Sometimes, we have to call someone to help.  Being frugal you have to try on your own first, I get that.  That is what I learned from my mom.

In the fast pace world we live in today, we don’t always have the time to try for hours and hours to fix something.  We need it fixed and we want a great price.  I hear the sayings crossing your minds about any service repair company….

  • That company is expensive!
  • I want it cheap!
  • I am looking for a good deal.
  • My personal favorite is Bear’s.  I want to give everyone a fair price!

honestyintegrity“A fair price for our customers and a fair price for me,” is what Bear says.  We have said it before; we don’t want salesmen working for us, we want repair men who look out for our customers wellbeing.  When you call us out to look at your clogged toilet, have us check your water heater, not to sell you a new one but to be proactive.  If your water heater is over 8 years old it’s getting close to needing a new one.

When you are comparing prices and shopping around, make sure to compare apples to apples.  Another thing to keep in mind when getting estimates is to make sure you are dealing with a licensed and insured business.  Handymen are great, however most often they do not carry insurance or license to protect you the customer.

We believe in our pricing and know it is fair.  That is why you will find prices listed on our website.  Show me another company that is doing that!

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Slime in the pipes not the ice machine


Friends, family and customers – I can’t tell you how much I have thought about this situation this week. How to get the word out to all of you to prevent this from happening to you.  Every year during the summer I try to post something to warn you guys so that the disastrous does not happen to you.  Unfortunately, it happened this week to one of our customers.  I got the call and you could hear the frustration and a little fear in her voice. She proceeded to tell me they just got back from a weeklong vacation and she thought the upstairs smelled musty, but did not investigate.  Then an hour later her child told her “mom the hall and bathroom are wet upstairs”.  Then she noticed in the kitchen the ceiling was wet and starting to fall.  The insurance company and restoration company had to be called.  This is the worst of the worst for this AC condensate situation we deal with every summer.

The damage could be small or in this case pretty darn bad. Carpet, hardwood floor, vanity, ceiling, dry wall all kinds of damage can happen from a stopped up AC line.  Recently I have started to use the comparison to the late and famous Houstonian Marvin Zindler MarvinSindler—-Slime in the ice machine.

This same type of slime is what builds up and eventually clogs up your sink drain that is tied into your AC unit. The condensate from the AC drips to this drain.  The ice cold condensate travels through the hot pipes of the attic and walls festering and growing into your very own science project in your pipes.  Eventually growing to completely stop up the drain.  Does the AC stop?….Do you turn off the AC to stop the water from building up?  Unfortunately, the answer in the heat of the summer in Spring, TX is NO!!

How can you prevent this? Poor bleach down the AC drain line, generally there should be a tee installed on the drain to do this, in your attic once a month starting in May through September.  It could save you thousands of dollars in repairs from damage if flooding occurs.  If you do not have access to the line in this way don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can install one for you.

Another thing you can do is check those upstairs bathroom lavatory sinks to see how quickly or slowly they are draining. If they are draining slow give us a call to unstop them before it is too late.


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Summer time help

CTE_ECE Summer 2016I hope my kids never get too old to work with Dad.  I pray they realize and appreciate the gift they are receiving from their dad.  The gift not only of this trade but the time they get to spend with their dad.  So far both of my boys have gotten to work with their Bear.


This summer is the first real taste of working side by side with Bear, for Clayton.  ClaytonThePlumbersHelperHow did we get from here……

To here… CTE_working with dad

Time flies, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.  (something my mom used to tell me) She would be so proud of all 5 of her grandkids!  I know she looks down on them often.  If you blink you just might miss something.  TTFN!!  TGIF!!

Don’t forget if you have a plumbing problem, call The Best Plumber In Texas!!!







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My sink is backing up and it wasn’t even being used!!!

We get these calls every summer “my sink is backing up and it wasn’t even being used!!!”

If you are like me I don’t get upstairs much. I rely on my kids to let me know if they are AC Drainhaving any issues with anything in our home upstairs.  If your kids are anything like mine these notifications may not come early enough to prevent damage.  Here is an example my daughter let all of the lights in her bathroom burn out.  She moved a lamp into the bathroom instead of changing the light bulbs…..  I was proud of her for being resourceful, however we needed a lesson in changing light bulbs.

AC Drain LabledThe same goes for sinks. If you don’t check your sinks upstairs, it could be a huge mistake.  Air conditioning units tie their condensate drain into a lavatory sink drain line in homes.  In two story homes it is normally a sink on the second floor.  The pipes in your home are warm if not super hot during the summer.  The cold water that comes into these lines begin to fester and build up sludge.  This sludge is what causes the drain to become clogged.

Most of the calls we get with sinks not draining in the summer are AC stoppages. When we get these calls it is normally too late and water is pouring through the ceiling or overflowing onto the bathroom floor.

Don’t delay, check to see if your bathroom sinks are draining slow.
Call Bear 281-350-BEAR (2327)

You can check out some of my previous posts on this topic





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This is a great article from the Gazette.  I giggled while reading it today and thought I should share it.

A master plumber, I am not

Hope you enjoy and know the master plumber you need to call with your next plumbing project or problem!  Call Bear’s Plumbing 281-350-BEAR (2327)


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It is hotter than……

atticheatThe well being and health of our plumbers and plumbers helpers is very important to us.  During the summer months for this reason and sometimes longer in Texas we limit attic work to first thing in the morning.  Sometimes it goes over that morning window and our guys are still stuck in the attic.  It is basically an oven in your home.  If you don’t believe me just make a trip on a Saturday or Sunday to your attic around 2pm just to take a breath, if you can.

We have an incredible young man working with us this summer.  I will forever remember his description to Bear this last week when they were still in an attic outside of the morning window.  He walked in the attic and could not catch his breath.  He said to Bear, “Wow, this must be what is it like to be separated from Jesus”  Bear said, “Yes sir this is hell”.  Truer words were never spoken.  It is a blessing to have good Christian men working with and for us who believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Stay cool and connected to Jesus!4thJuly

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