Temperature Relief Valve

Did you know you should have your temperature relief valve checked every year? I didn’t!!!Do you IMG_8245know where the temperature relief valve is? This device is on your water heater and is a safety device to keep your water heater from exploding. Ok that scares me and I am sure I can’t be the only one. Bear!!!!!!   Is there anything I can do???!!???    I know I have spoken about this before. The possibility of a gas explosion terrifies me. Knowing that it can explode, shoooot I don’t even want to try and take a look at it.

So I made Bear go into the attic with me to check out the temperature relief valve. Once he showed it to me, I asked what it is supposed to look like or what I can do to test it. He said lift that knob. So I go to do it and he said WAIT don’t do it now.  : )  If it fails I would have to fix it. : (  See he is already off the clock.  So I ask what would happen. Would it explode, would it flood the house?  No, if it works it will release water to the outside of the house via a pipe.  The problem happens when you try to switch the valve back it may fail.  By fail it may not shut off when you release the spring loaded handle.  This is a common problem with these valves.  Bear said they never get used, so they tend to not work properly when needed.

Have you seen the Allstate commercials?

It is very important that you keep this device in good working condition.  We would be glad to put you on a reminder list to call once a year to check this out.  Give us a call and let us know if we can help you out.

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