Kitchen Faucet at Costco

We received our Costco flyer in the mail with this month’s specials and I read it in the car to Bear this weekend.  Hansgroeh Brushed Nickel Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet our cost $179.99.  Bear said that is a great deal.  That is a great faucet for that price.  So I asked what could we install that for,  if our customers purchased it?  $185.00 Standard installation in our service area.  Standard installation means if you need new valves or if anything needed to be repaired there would be an additional cost.

50-801352-847__2I looked online at Costco and the model online is different from the circular.  Go figure!  That is very irritating.  Here is the link to the online item.

Now I would like to know if  steel optik finish is the same as brushed nickel.  So I called Hansgrohe and the two finishes are different.  Brushed Nickel has a light yellow hue to it. So you will just have to go to a Costco near you to see if you like what is physically in the store.  I am not sure which finish they are selling this month.

The Costco sale ends 9/28/14.  We will honor our install price as mentioned above until 10/28/14 with this faucet, in our service area.  Let me know if you can get out of Costco with just 1 item, I know I have a hard time doing that.  Happy Shopping!!!!!

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