Are Trades dying?

RIPThere is a struggle to find people willing to learn a [trade] skill that is in demand.

So I started writing this post before I read the article, and I was excited to see the commonality between my thoughts and the thoughts of Mike Rowe and Candace Roulo. The age old expression of the “_ _ _ _  is going to hit the fan” could be very literal in the next few decades as Tradesmen, especially plumbers, start retiring and aging out of society. 

If we do not encourage our kids who were not meant for the round hole that society and parents are banging their square heads through, we are setting them up for failure.  But what about encouraging our gifted children who may not be cut out for secondary education, but are mechanical to reach for those goals and not discourage them?

It is important to find dedicated people, because plumbing is important.  The spencer TracyHollywood legend Spencer Tracy once made a wry remark about keeping his profession in perspective: “Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is.”

Here is an excerpt from an article I read: LIKE a lot of teens, South Grafton’s Brielle Lentfer really didn’t know what she wanted to do when she ‘grew up’.

“I thought it would be something in retail,” the grounded 18-year-old said. “So I did my school-based traineeship behind the trade desk.”

And so the initial seeds of a career in plumbing took hold despite Brielle figuring that sort of thing wasn’t an option for a girl.

“I did learn that I liked being outside and not cooped up while doing desk work, but talking to the plumbers when they came in opened up doors.”

To read the full article click here:

If only there were more of these driven young adults in the area.  We are always looking for hardworking people to join our team, and it would be amazing to find someone like Brielle.

pipe wrench“The goal of mikeroweWORKS is pretty simple — help close the skills gap by encouraging men and women to get the training they need to pursue good jobs that actually exist,” said Rowe.  An excerpt from

If you know someone who fits this role, please have them give us a call Bear’s Plumbing in Spring at 281-350-BEAR(2327) or email 

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